Music Engraving

I can engrave your music to a high standard. I’ve been using Sibelius for over 20 years, and also an advanced user of Dorico Pro, the latest tool for music engraving which offers many advantages to doing the best work. Added to my high level knowledge of music arranging of all kinds, and my understanding of music notation principles and convention, this has led to  commissions from many musicians and organisations to engrave music either for their own use or to be published in books.  Get in touch to discuss how I might be able to help.

Here is a PDF of examples of my work.

You might have a hand-written score that you want to look the best it can, ready to give to another musician or group, or a composition or arrangement that you’ve started but needs finishing to publishing quality. A polished musical score is a thing of beauty, and I take great care and pride in the work, regardless of musical style. Also, clean, well-spaced scores and parts lead to better use of time and better results in a rehearsal or recording session.